Thursday, August 20, 2009

A beautiful end to a violent storm!

I'm beginning to think we are living in the tropics! Yesterday afternoon and about the same time this afternoon we had violent thunderstorms with torrential rain. Although, after suffering through a drought the past couple of years, we can't complain. We are 5+" over normal for rainfall on the year. It is nice to have water in the creeks and to have the lake levels back where they are supposed to be. After the storm passed, I went out on the patio to get some herbs for a salad. It was still raining just a bit, but the sun was shining to the west; I wondered if there might be a rainbow. Sure enough, there was a beautiful rainbow arching over the sky in the east. I ran in and grabbed my camera, I had to quickly change the telephoto lens that I had been using earlier in the week to photograph hummingbirds. The raindrops got my lens wet so then I had to get an umbrella out of the car. I just hoped the rainbow wouldn't disappear. It was a nice surprise to see that it was actually a double rainbow, a second much fainter one was above the bright one. It is interesting that the spectrum of the second rainbow is reversed in color. So instead of ROYGBIV, it is VIBGYOR!

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