Saturday, April 11, 2009

Frozen Head SP hike

Today I led a group of 20 - 25 people on a wildflower hike at Frozen Head State Park. The weather was not great, it was drizzly and cold, but at least we didn't have tornado warnings, lightning, and torrential rain like we had in our area yesterday!
We saw quite a few wildflowers on the hike including this Lousewort (a.k.a. Wood Betony)(left), and Long-spurred Violet (right), Blue Violet, Sweet White Violet, Smooth Yellow Violet, Downy Yellow Violet, Halberd-leaf Violet, Round-leaf Yellow Violet, Red Trillium, Large White Trillium, Lemon Trillium, Sessile Trillium, Cumberland Spurge, Wild Geranium, Dwarf Ginseng, Yellow Mandarin, Spotted Mandarin, Blue Cohosh, Yellow Large-flowered Bellwort, Little Brown Jugs, Wild Ginger, Rue Anemone, Foamflower and Golden Alexanders.
I was very excited to see a Yellow Morel (above), a funny-looking edible mushroom that is supposed to be delicious. I have been wanting to get a photo of one for a long time!