Monday, January 4, 2010

Jewels from the sky!

When I got up this morning I glanced out the window and saw a few snow flurries. I quickly threw some warm clothes over my PJs and went outside with my black velvet, camera and 105mm macro lens with a 36mm extender ring. Fortunately, it was not windy so it made capturing the snowflakes and photographing them a lot easier. Actually, it is not easy to do because I have to kneel on the concrete patio to be able to get close enough to focus on the snowflakes caught on the black velvet. That is really tough on the old knees! :( But, I was quite pleased with a few of my photos! The more I practice, the better they should be. I'm learning new tricks every time I try this technique.

These are called dendrite snowflakes, they form when the temperatures in the clouds are 3 - 10 degrees F. It was 16 degrees on the ground while I was photographing them! Brrr! Often the snowflakes fall as clusters, like these on the right.


Carol N said...

Beautiful! I don't thinK I have ever seen snow this way. Thank you!

Finley and the Bat said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Kris! We have not been blessed with snow this year and are happy to share yours!

Christi said...

You never cease to amaze me with your extreme patience and knowledge! You are so awesome!

Christi Ridley