Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Frozen, Frozen Head State Park and Snowflakes

I had hoped to see at least one of our favorite waterfalls frozen and with snow. I finally got my wish when we went to Frozen Head State Park on Jan. 19. Our friends Terri and Rod went with us. Snow flurries started falling as we left Oak Ridge. As we gained altitude driving north up the Cumberland Plateau we began to see more snow. The road into the park was covered with snow, so we knew we were in for a treat! We hiked through the snow up to DeBord Falls and then up to Emory Gap Falls (below). The icicles were huge at the second falls. I tried not to stay under them too long in case one of them fell off.

Rod, Terri, Kris and Kenny at Emory Gap Falls

When we got home I put the macro lens on my camera in hopes of capturing some snowflakes to photograph. I put a pair of ski bibs on the edge of the grill and caught snowflakes. The grill gave me something to prop the camera on since my tripod was indisposed at the time. I love looking at snowflakes. What a treat from nature! :)

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