Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birds, birds, birds!

I noticed movement in the waterfall of the Secret Garden's pond at my school this morning. It was a Common Crow trying to get a drink from the gushing water. Most of the area's still water was still frozen from the frigid temperatures of the past week, so it was having a hard time finding water to drink. Earlier I had seen a Mockingbird drinking there. It was smaller and didn't have as much trouble finding a good foothold on the rocks between the ice like the crow did.

Later, just as I was getting ready to leave school I spotted this gorgeous male Cardinal sunning himself in the hawthorn tree in the garden. These trees were planted in 1996, when the garden was developed, as a food source for the birds. However, they must not like the berries very much, there are still lots of them remaining on the tree in mid-January. I really don't like those trees, they stink when they bloom, they have wicked 2"-long thorns and the berries sprout all over the garden. They would have not been my first choice of trees to plant!

The big excitement of the day though, was when I spotted this brilliant male Eastern Bluebird checking out the birdhouse in the garden! The non-native House Sparrows had claimed this house the past 3 or 4 years. When I cleaned the house of old nests last fall I hoped the rightful "owners" would reclaim it, fortunately, it looks like we are going to be enjoying bluebirds again this spring and summer! :)

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