Monday, July 28, 2008

Stalking the wild Ruby-throat!

Ah, I finally did it! The Ruby-throated Hummingbird has eluded me since I acquired the ability to do digital photography. This afternoon I spotted a male at the feeder next to the patio. I ran inside, changed the lens on my camera to the telephoto (70 - 300 mm) and hoped he would stay at the feeder. He didn't, of course, so I had to stake out a spot on the wrought iron railing and wait for his return. Finally, I heard the familiar "chittering" sound of a hummer and snapped a few shots as he sat on the dogwood branch. I was excited when he turned his head so the brilliant red of his neck feathers (the gorget) showed! Doing this kind of photography makes me better appreciate what nature photographers have to go through. However, I'm not quite "roughing it" like they do, other than swatting mosquitoes and wiping sweat! Hummingbirds (or "honeybirds", as one of my students called them), have such short legs they are unable to walk, they can only perch.

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