Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New flash technique results

After some frustrating results with blurry photos, I sent out a request to the TN Moth group (yes, there really is such a group!) and asked for recommendations for better macro shots. Many people responded with lots of good suggestions. I used a head lamp to help see to focus better and then set my camera on f/10 @ 1/2000 sec. and got great results, even hand-held! The moth on the left is a Common Spragueia and the one on the right is a Green Leuconycta if anyone is interested! :)

I got a kick out of this one that was on the railing near the garbage can! No, it wasn't posessed, the eyeshine just makes it look that way! :) Here is a front shot (right). I think it is a Grapeleaf Roller Moth, there is another one that looks a lot like this one, so I'm not sure. I'm still in the "larval" phase of moth identification, it is much more difficult than I expected.

I had a couple of surprise visitors too. This beautiful Green Lacewing was on the back side of the sheet, I almost missed it. I don't think I'd hang around too long if I was that moth, Lacewings are quite voracious predators of insects!

But the biggest surprise of the night had to be the little treefrog that I spotted on the rail at the side of the house. Because it was in a dark area I almost missed it too! It was quite patient with me! :) I love to hear these little frogs call at night, they sound a lot like birds chirping. I guess tonight's rain brought him out, the sight of so many insects on the porch probably helped too. I just wish it would eat those darned little brown June beetles!

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