Thursday, December 10, 2009

More bubbles!

I am just amazed at these bubble photos! The colors and patterns are just incredible. Bubbles are not very "forgiving" because they don't last very long! Here are some more photos. The first photo (top left) shows what I am focusing on, I have to crop them very hard to get a full frame. Using a macro lens, I don't have a lot of depth of field to work with, if the bubble is too curvy, I just have a narrow strip in focus. The photo on the right shows a "dying" bubble. The "black holes" are signs of impending death, the bubble will pop very soon!

This one (left) looks like a Hubble Space Telescope shot of a nebula in deep space. I really like the intricate pattern of the bubble on the right. It reminds me of the crazy patterns from the early 1970's!

These bubbles looked very different than the others. The one on the right was cropped very hard.

It is even more amazing to see these bubbles "live" because they move and change as the soap/water/soap film thins! Here is a movie I took of a bubble just before it popped. I wish my camera took higher quality videos, it is supposed to be "HD quality", but I don't agree!

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