Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spider Lily and Robberflies

Yesterday after school I took off to one of my favorite hiking areas in Oak Ridge. I wanted to see if the Spider Lily flowers were in bloom. The first group of plants had been pretty badly trampled. Fortunately, the one that had buds was still in good shape, so it should bloom early next week. I knew of one other location where they grow, I went there and found 3 plants in full bloom. The flowers are quite large, about 6" across. I know of no other flowers in this area that look like them, so they are very easy to identify. This picture was tricky to take, I had to stand on a rotten log that had fallen into the lake and hoped I didn't fall off!

The robberflies caught my attention because they were flying "attached"! I watched to see where they landed, luckily it was on a branch nearby. Robberflies eat other insects with their piercing mouthparts.

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d said...

Two nice spider lilies in bloom now (8/26/2013) on right of bike trail about 600 ft from start on Edgemoor Rd. Thanks for a great web site.